Joshua Martyr

Joshua Martyr was born in Toronto, Ontario. Influenced by the many childhood stories read to him, he developed an enthusiasm for literature and reading at an early age. Joshua cultivated a passion for comic books, written history, mythology and folklore, which only fed his wildly creative imagination. Even as a child, Joshua was naturally creative, and could spend hours simply daydreaming, conceiving fantastical narratives in his mind.

A lover of nature and the untamed wildernesses of the world, he would also spend endless hours outdoors, almost scientifically observing the living organisms around him. A markedly physical individual even from childhood, Joshua would run through forests and other such environments, tangibly engaging his senses in all there was to discover.

This same physicality led him to great success in the realm of sport. A lifelong athlete, he distinguished himself pronouncedly in a wide array of sports, most notably in his careers as a soccer and football player.

Joshua attended York University, where, coupled with a variety of English courses, he received his Specialized Honours in Kinesiology.  He then acquired his Bachelor of Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) of the University of Toronto, in the disciplines of English and Physical Education.

Following his official academic and athletic careers, Joshua began to teach part time and write his first novel, Genesis of the Hunter, a story he had partially envisioned in high-school.  From his habit of observing the nuances of animal and human behaviours, both individual and social, Joshua possesses an uncanny ability to truly adopt the innermost mindset of an entity and disclose it in vivid detail. This quality of empathy strengthens his writing, and allows his readers a gripping and uniquely intimate understanding of character and circumstance. - ©2010