Genisis Of The Hunter – Book II

Genisis Of The Hunter – Book II

September 1, 2010 in Feature, Joshua's Work Comments off

This is the novel where any secrets and mysteries left unexplored will be resolved. It is the exhilarating, captivating, action-charged sequel to Genesis of the Hunter: Book 1, where the true climax of the story is reached – an unforgettable ending that, I hope, will leave the reader with a pounding heart and an even greater love for this epic, powerful story. 

Once a sentinel of Berwick, England he is now both something more and something less than the man he once was. His new nature is strange and foreign to his loved ones and even himself, and so he wanders the nights alone, finding new, albeit misguided and vengeful purpose in his life. He learns how to hunt the bestial, yellow-eyed, white-skinned things that he has become so like, and decimates their number, yet as the decades unfold, and he nearly untouched by the ravages of age, his understanding of the world and his place in it change.

With new ambition and knowledge that he gains from his experience, and from an arcane acquaintance, he sets his sights on the New World and there begins a new life.

He eventually makes New York his home and the using knowledge and wealth he has accumulated over the ages, he secretly establishes himself in the modern world. He allows a select few learn the secrets of his existence, the truth of what he is.  Still, an elitist syndicate with powerful and archaic ties discovers his existence, and his survival, even for him, becomes a race against time. - ©2010